Sustainable development – The time to act

World leaders from 193 countries approved the 2030 agenda on September 25, 2015, to make nations aware of the need to promote a sustainable and inequality-free future. There are 17 objectives, accompanied by dozens of goals, related to sustainable development, which will be introduce over the next fifteen years, under the motto- “Transforming Our World” (UN, 2015). SustainabilityContinue reading “Sustainable development – The time to act”

Sustainable tourism, a concept we should promote

You have probably heard of sustainability or sustainable tourism, but do you really know what it is? Sustainable tourism is much more than tourism without plastic. It seeks to preserve and respect natural heritage and biodiversity, minimizing our impact on it. The tourism industry affects all people and not just those who live at theContinue reading “Sustainable tourism, a concept we should promote”