Sustainable tourism, a concept we should promote

You have probably heard of sustainability or sustainable tourism, but do you really know what it is?

Sustainable tourism is much more than tourism without plastic. It seeks to preserve and respect natural heritage and biodiversity, minimizing our impact on it.

The tourism industry affects all people and not just those who live at the destinations we visit. We have an obligation to preserve the traditions of the communities visited, adapting ourselves to them and not the other way around, and we should help develop the economy of these regions, also in a sustainable way. 

We must commit ourselves to the sustainability of tourism. It’s not enough to avoid plastic when we travel, we must be aware of the economic, social and environmental consequences, current and future, of travel.

Do you agree? 

One of the subsectors of the tourism activity where there has been a significant increase in the importance given to sustainability is accommodation. There are several examples of accommodations that adopt sustainable practices, and you will have the opportunity to learn more about this aspect very soon.

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Photo by ev on Unsplash

Authors: Ana Francisca Melo; Beatriz Martins; Bruno Cristelo & Manuel Teixeira

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