Digital Nomadism: A new panorama of sustainable tourism

The current pandemic situation has led to a revolution in the world of work, giving rise to “Digital Nomadism”.

Talking about Digital Nomadism is, above all, talking about a lifestyle that, due to technological advances, paved the way for remote work, meaning you can work from anywhere in the world. Although an embryonic trend, the tourism industry is aware of this concept and is currently seeking to meet the expectations of nomads, namely, to reconcile work with the enjoyment of new destinations and to achieve full connection with the community’s local customs.

This desire for rapid regeneration makes us stop and reflect on whether we should let the travel industry run as before. More than focusing on this market segment, it is essential that we are concerned with the environment and the preservation of regions. Thus, this regenerative journey, which brings new life and energy, points to an impacting and lasting change in behaviours to reverse the damage already caused to our planet.

And you, would you like to be part of this new sustainable panorama? Your journey begins here!

Authors: Ana Cruz; Ana Ferreira; Gonçalo Guimarães; e José Almeida

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