Actions make a difference

When you travel by plane, do you know the impact you’re having on the environment? 

 In today’s world, it is increasingly important to think about and develop sustainable tourism practices. This change in behaviour has a profound impact both on society and on the tourism sector, including transportation. Imagine what it would be like to visit Australia without planes and boats? Exactly, it wouldn’t be possible. But, at the same time, sea and air travel have a negative effect on the environment. Therefore, to talk about the transport sector today, it is essential to also think about the way we relate to the world.

Over the years, sustainability has been threatened by people’s behaviours and social phenomena, such as mass tourism and the overuse of different types of resources. Choosing to walk or ride a bike is undoubtedly a huge contribution to sustainability, but, if you still can’t imagine your life without motor vehicles, or you hate exercise, we suggest using public transport, such as the bus or the metro.

In addition to being more economical than cars, they are not as polluting for the environment. Thus, we challenge all our readers to think of alternatives to their beloved car.

Authors: Ana Carolina Figueiredo; Henrique Sousa; Luís Vilar; e Mariana Freitas

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