Social Sustainability in Catering

A group of students attending the 2nd year of Tourist Activities Management at the School of Hospitality and Tourism, will be holding a training session on social sustainability in catering.. This session was planned within the Tourism Operation Management and English for Tourism IV courses and will take place on June 1st,  at 14:30, at CampusContinue reading “Social Sustainability in Catering”

Sustainability in Catering – Training Session

Check out the unsustainable behaviours that sometimes take place in the catering business, sometimes without peoplebeing aware of their impacts   ·       Serving coffee in plastic cups   ·       Giving out one or more plastic straws   ·       Wasting water in the bathroom and in dishwashing   ·       Wasting energy   ·       Not recycling   If you adopt some of these practices in your establishment, you should take a break, rethink your behaviour, and become more sustainable.   Even though costumers go to restaurants looking to make the most out of their experience, they don’t always pay attentionto these details or the consequences of their behaviour. Nevertheless, the environment will have to endure all thedamages.   Bearing in mind the key role of restaurants in people’s daily lives, it is important that restaurateurs become aware of theirattitudes and take on a more sustainable role.   If you are interested in this topic, follow our project’s blog and check out our presentation on environmental sustainabilityin catering (supply side), in which we will address more unsustainable practices, presenting solutions that ensuresustainability in establishments.